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The Birth of a Product

In the Introduction Stage of the product life cycle, you can expect that the cost of creating and advertising a product will be high; sales and profit will be low. Also in this stage, other manufacturers will wait and see … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Product

Have you ever wondered how a product is created? Can you think of a product that was a big hit back in the day but not available now?  Some say that a product has a life cycle like Mother Nature. … Continue reading

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About to Break 200K in Alexa

As I write this post, this blog has an Alexa Rating of 205,159. Just a few months ago it was around 8,000,000 (Eight Million). Good movement, but I’m not done yet. I’m doing a big push now to move to … Continue reading

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Check This Out- Penny DVD

Check out the site below from Robert Phillips: http://www.cybercashology.com/practically-free-special-offer I just got the free DVD he’s offering in the mail. I also bought the upsell because he has great information. I’ll be looking thru the material this week. Load up … Continue reading

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Product Life Cycle- Overview

Every product has a life cycle. And every product class has a life cycle. The life cycle is generally broken down into four parts. A graphical representation of the Product Life Cycle is shown below: The four stages are defined … Continue reading

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