Thunder Road Marathon Complete

Yesterday (12/12/09) I began the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC at 7:50 AM. After 4 hours, 7 minutes and 24 seconds I crossed the finish line. While not a fast time, it is not a slow time either. My main goals were to finish under 4 hours, 15 minutes and the bigger was was to just finish!

Sam Carrara Thunder Road Marathon

Sam Carrara Thunder Road Marathon

That’s me above in the red (#256), the time shown above is the gun time, my chip time was 4:07:24.

I have spent many an early day, waking up at 5:00 AM to run for 2-3 hours, shower, change, go to work and then sometimes class, church or put the kids to bed. Am I tired and sore? Yes and Yes, but mostly sore right now.

There were many people along the route cheering runners along and every two miles there was water and Powerade offered to help refuel runners. Miles 16 and 20 also had energy gels, which really were needed to help give you the energy boost needed to keep going.

I really need to thank my wife for the many morning of encouragement of kicking me out of bed. She got me going last Christmas when she got me a NikePlus to plug into my iPod. Then after some running I got Plantar Fasciitis, basically a lot of pain in my foot. I got new Saucony shoes and the pain went away, I have been running on Sauconys since 1991.

I ran a number of 5k races, along with a 10k and 15k race as milestones along the journey. Did I always feel motivated? NO. Sometimes I just wanted it to be over, but I’m glad I did it. I now have a 26.2 magnet on my car, one of the gifts from my wife. Another great gift was chocolate covered almonds.

Thank you to Melissa, Jesus, my girls, friends and coworkers that kept me going. I’m not sure what my next goal is yet, I need a few days to heal.

Thank you,

Sam Carrara

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