Complete Site Redesign

Just to let you know we are currently working on a complete site redesign. There are a number of things we plan to do with the updating of the site to include:

  • A much more attractive website design and graphics
  • More regular posting and posts that fit with the theme of marketing more like one of the most looked at posts:
  • Chances to have guest posters
  • Opportunity for you to test the WordPress plugins we made
  • Contests to win prizes
  • And more…

If you have suggestions, post a comment here.

My Alexa ranking has slipped a little since I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have come to understand much better the way they calculate their numbers since the shakeup.

Redesign in Progress,
Samuel Carrara

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Customer Service in Playa Del Carmen

We are on day five of our vacation, it is beautiful and relaxing. The day we arrived, we checked in and met our Guest Services Coordinator. She, Nelly, helped us arrange tours and a vacation membership preview tour (more about that in another post).

There are numerous people needed to make a resort like the Playacar Palace successful. Some mornings we would get up early enough to see a bus come to the hotel loaded with the hotel workers. These people include:

  • Check-in staff
  • Baggage handlers
  • Maids
  • Restaurant check-in
  • Cooks
  • Wait staff
  • Bar tenders
  • Pool staff
  • Maintenance
  • And many more…

All of the workers have customer service at the top of their mind, always have smile on their face and genuine interest in you. It is like they went to “Palace Resorts University,” they all are like this. Some asked “where are you from,” “how did you like…” and “how can we help you?”

There is a real difference between real customer service and “faking it.” Go to your local fast food restaurant employing a minimum wage employee, he/she just cares about doing the minimum to get a paycheck. There is a real difference between the Palace experience and minimum wage experience.

The other part is consistency. We have gone to four of the local Palace resorts and they are all the same high quality. Consistency is very important.

The two main lessons here are:

  1. Genuine interest
  2. Consistency

Above is just a shadow of the Great Customer Service provided by Palace employees.

Genuine Interest and Consistency,
Sam Carrara

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Anniversary Vacation in Playa Del Carmen

A few months ago I booked a 10th Anniversary trip for my wife and I to Playacar Palace in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We arrived yesterday and have enjoyed the experience thus far. This trip is a time to relax, recharge and reconnect. To see more about the Playacar Palace, visit the website:

Over the next few days I’ll give a few highlights of the trip and maybe a few pictures, BUT this will be a relaxing trip. This area is known as the Mexican Riviera. Some of the topics I hope to cover about the trip are:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Exclusivity
  • Recharge

Mexican Vacation,
Sam Carrara

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Social Bookmark List

Part of Web 2.0 is use of social bookmarks, I have included a partial list of social bookmarking sites below:

  • BlinkList
  • BlogMarks
  • Blue Dot
  • Buzka
  • Clipmarks
  • Cogenz
  • Connectbeam
  • CoReap
  • Digg
  • Diigo
  • Feedmarker
  • Furl
  • Google Bookmarks
  • iloggo
  • Jots
  • Linkademic
  • Linkroll
  • LookLater
  • Lookmarks
  • ma.gnolia
  • MarkIt
  • Mr. Wong
  • Netvouz
  • pligg based sites
  • Raw Sugar
  • scuttle based sites
  • Shadows
  • Simpy
  • Spurl
  • Tagseasy
  • Yahoo! My Web
  • Zurpy

Get Social,
Sam Carrara

Please add your favorites to this list.

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Web 2.0 Learning

I have not been blogging for awhile because I found some great learning material. Web 2.0 is very interesting and some people think it is confusing. It is rather simple when you get the right teacher.

I started listening to a podcast by Michael Campbell on

He breaks down what is Web 2.0, how to use it and how to profit from it. I would recommend that you read his blog and listen to his podcast.

Here is a short (partial) list of Web 2.0 properties:

  • Digg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Furl
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • Mr Wong
  • Technorati
  • And many more…

2.0 and Go,
Sam Carrara

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