Customer Service at Mimi’s Cafe

Mimis Cafe

Mimis Cafe

Last night after a quick trip to the local mall, I took my family to Mimi’s Cafe. It is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the first one opened in 1978. The buildings are themed like colorful French cottages. Inside the restaurant is nothing like other restaurants, you will have visit to see what I mean.

We have enjoyed eating at Mimi’s before but this visit was different for a few reasons:

  1. They had a great appetizer, meal and dessert choice menu that was only $12.99, I ordered the corn chowder, half rack of ribs and brownie sundae. My wife ordered the garden salad, BBQ salmon and apple crisp sundae. Both meals were delicious.
  2. The wait staff and managers really seemed like they wanted you there. Multiple times they asked if we wanted something. Once they asked if we wanted an extra helping of mashed for one of our kids and I was jealous of the worms in the dirt dessert cup they get (candy worms in chocolate pudding with crumbled oreo on top). My wife asked and they brought one out for me. My mouth is watering thinking about the delicious food again.

In addition to the feeling that they want you there and providing excellent customer service, the variety of breads are yummy. I prefer the carrot nut bread myself. I just checked their website and it is funny, but smart, that they are on Facebook and Twitter. It is a great way for them to get their name and marketing out to more people.

Great Customer Service and Yummy Food,
Sam Carrara

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Sunday, June 7th, 2009 Review 3 Comments

Customer Service- Wendy’s 2

Well, I got a call back about my customer service experience at Wendy’s. You can see the initial experience here:

Just a quick update on the call:
A girl from one of the local franchise owned offices called. Most owners/companies own a region or state of Wendy’s. First she asked if this was a good time to talk (great question to ask). Next she thanked me for letting them know what happened. We talked a little about what happened and then discussed about different sizes of chili for the combos. I said that I would expect to pay more for a large chili as opposed to a small chili.

She thanked me again for my time and customer service report. All in all she portrayed good customer service.

Customer Service Counts,
Sam Carrara

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Saturday, February 9th, 2008 Review 1 Comment

Customer Service- Wendy’s

When you go to a restaurant you expect a certain level of service. Usually this level of service is dictated by how much the total cost of the meal. When you think Olive Garden, the words that come to mind are Italian, pasta and good service. (Not forgetting to mention soup, salad and bread sticks.) They average about $15-20 per meal after drinks and other items, so not too expensive.

Going to Wendy’s, the words that come to mind are old fashioned hamburgers, Dave Thomas, quick food and now some weird guy with red pony tails. I loved going there as a kid and remember when you left your tray on the table and they cleaned up for you. Also the salad bar was a big item. Times do change, now you bus your own tray and salads are now individual containers. I understand all of this because it is cost efficient and they want to stay in business.

What my issue is… when companies or individuals in companies forget about what Customer Service is or better yet, don’t care! Here’s my real life example: I had lunch in Charleston, SC yesterday at a Wendy’s not far from The Citadel. I ordered a chicken sandwich and large* sized the combo replacing chili for fries (part of my trying to eat better). I asked specifically for a large chili, on my tray I got a small chili. I asked about it and the assistant manager that was filling the order just shrugged her shoulders like she didn’t care.

No sorry we misunderstood or anything else. Simply “I Don’t Care,” is what she said non-verbally. I don’t expect linen table clothes, candles or even sirloin steak. Just care about what you’re doing!

Learning Point: Good Customer Service-

  1. At least fake that you care
  2. Attempt to make it right
  3. Look at this site for more points:

Customer Service is Important,
Sam Carrara

* not super sized, they were across the street

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Thursday, February 7th, 2008 Review 11 Comments