Thriller- Cebu Provincial Detention

Today’s video is called: Thriller
They are performed and produced by 1,500 plus Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines. Enjoy the video and then I’ll discuss viral characteristics of it.

This video is already viral because: (15,622,475 views as of this post)

  1. Entertain- You want to see how they will be able to adapt the original video by Michael Jackson. That many guys in orange as zombies is scary.
  2. Controversial- At the beginning there is a scared “woman,” of course here it is a guy! This is a prison that uses positive reinforcement to create change in prisoners, most people think the opposite should happen in prison.
  3. Slick or nor- The video is simple and zooms in and out at needed times. Not Hollywood quality, but a well rehearsed production.
  4. Simple- They took the video and added some simple titles on top.

Some “take aways” from this video- Get it done and release it, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If people like it they will ask for more. They have produced more videos including songs- I Need A Hero, Hero, Do The Hustle and 24 videos total. And here’s a few words why they are doing this- “Some people really can’t believe that this prison dance actually is happening and it has proven to be an effective tool for transforming extremely negative people into positive individuals.

This video I rate as Four Viral (out of five). This is a classic rework of the original that I watch every six months or so.
ViralViral 2Viral 3Viral 4

Sam Carrara

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008 Viral 2 Comments

Remember Me- Memorial Day

I post this in remembrance of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and other Servicemen and Women that have served in the United States Armed Forces both in the past, present and future. My wife and I have stood in your boots with service in the U.S. Army.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, but we should remember that they service not one day a year, but all year round. We may be sleeping, eating, driving to work, enjoying time with family and they are out there Serving.

The video below has over 24 million views because it is well done and reminds us to “Remember Me.”

Thank you,
Sam Carrara

p.s. Please thank a veteran or presently serving service member.

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 Viral 1 Comment

Together We Can

Mondays will be video clip day- specifically I’ll try to find one that could or may already be Viral. Today’s video is called: Together We Can
Enjoy the video and then I’ll discuss viral characteristics of it.

This video could become viral because:

  1. Entertain- The video shows lots of smiling faces and some you may recognize. Some of the people in the video include goalkeeper David James, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, London’s new Mayor, Boris Johnson and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  2. Controversial- This video is about affecting climate change. Together they have one message – little actions can make a big difference on climate change and together we can. It has a good message and is trying to appeal to a broad audience.
  3. Slick or nor- This video uses classic cuts from one person to the next piecing together a message. It helps you see these are real people like you and me by towards the end people are laughing and showing clips that are almost like outtakes.
  4. Simple- Create a script, ask people to say some of the lines and piece it together. No special effects were necessary, just real people wanting to raise national awareness about a Global issue- Climate Change.

This video I rate as Three Viral (out of five). The video has a good message, but there are more viral ones to come.
ViralViral 2Viral 3

Sam Carrara

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Monday, May 19th, 2008 Viral 1 Comment

Viral Videos Staggering Statistics

What makes Viral Videos go “Viral?” Why do they get passed around and have so many views?

Here is a short partial list of characteristics of Viral Videos:

  1. They entertain. It isn’t an in your face BUY ME! You may laugh, cry or just enjoy yourself. They don’t have to market a product or service, but they can.
  2. They can be controversial. If it’s boring who wants to watch it and share with others. Many times they take a stand on an issue and some company or individuals strongly disagree with what is said. They also polarize people the other way by being advocates for spreading the video. Either way the video will spread because people will say the loved or hated the video.
  3. They are not slick. If the video looks like it was professionally done by Hollywood, then people tend to think there is some big marketing agency behind it working to “psychologically” manipulate you.
  4. They are simple. If you analyze what the video is about and how they produced it, you realized you could have done that in a few days.
    1. Here is an example of one Viral Video (The World’s First Bionic Burger):

      Bionic Burger viral evaluation: (1,193,293 views as of this post)

      1. Entertain- The story is easy to follow and has a recognizable of McDonalds. You are drawn to want to know what happens to the second burger. You will see web links on the video to find out more information about the burgers.
      2. Controversial- Then you find out why it is called “Bionic.” This is something that McDonalds doesn’t want you to see. The burger is made of what??
      3. Slick or not- The video isn’t crisp, but you get the main point about the burger.
      4. Simple- This video was made with one actor and the director (who also acted). The main actor was a friend of the director. This video looks like it took a day or two to make.

      This video I rate as Three Viral (out of five). It’s a good video, but there are more to come.
      ViralViral 2Viral 3

      Go Viral,
      Sam Carrara

      p.s. I’ll be analyzing different Viral Videos to help you with marketing, stay tuned.

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      Friday, May 16th, 2008 Viral 1 Comment

Going Green or Viral? Chevrolet Volt Commuter Car

Well here we go… Everybody is turning Green with envy about Green Cars! Or is it just Green backs that are driving companies? Have you noticed the Theme of this post? Green!

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 Viral Comments Off on Going Green or Viral? Chevrolet Volt Commuter Car