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Whose Business Are You Building?

In your quest to get out of debt, are you thinking longterm? How are you driving traffic to your website? By PPC, articles, some other ways… If you stopped any of these methods right now, would you still get traffic? … Continue reading

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How Do You Find Success? Take Action!

I have issued a call out to help people with Alexa Rankings and teaching them how to improve their numbers. The first site I see is by Keith Goodrum. Why will I promote him? Because he takes Action by setting … Continue reading

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There is More to Life Than Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Traffic

Are you depending on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft for your search traffic? How much money and time are you willing to spend to get a good top 20 (top 10 is better and more expensive) natural search listing for your … Continue reading

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More Traffic- Download the Alexa Toolbar

I’ve talked before about using Alexa to increase ad revenue. Well help me out with a little test on decreasing Alexa rank. As I write this post this blog’s Alexa rank is 662,151. You can download the Alexa Toolbar at: … Continue reading

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