Traveling to São Paulo

I’ve been a little busy lately with final exams (working on an MBA) and getting ready to travel to São Paulo tomorrow. So here are a few tidbits to absorb:

São Paulo is the capital of Brazil and has over ten million people (10,000,000). See more at:

I’ll be there to help finish building a church. Some of the jobs that need to be done to complete this church include some electrical wiring, door hanging, painting and laying tile. The tile won’t be fun, but it needs to get done. This is the third of 10 churches that the Missionaries we support plan to build in São Paulo. Please pray for safe travels, we will be there for about a week.

If you would like to be a guest blog poster while I’m gone, post on your blog (with a link to this post) and trackback to this post. I’ll contact you to receive the post info.

I’ll still post a few times and will be checking my comments.

Almost São Paulo Bound,
Sam Carrara

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I try to enjoy life and impart tidbits of wisdom with other people. This picture of me was taken on top of a ski slope in Aspen, Colorado after a wedding for my sister-in-law.
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  2. arrangeurs says:

    Hello !vCela fait quelques temps que je lis ton blog et je ten,ais à dire que c’est très agréable ! Le desing est vraiment carmant 😉

  3. rahul says:

    Traveling imparts a great importance in the marketing culture.The fact is that every one forgets the importance of traveling in the field of marketing. Thank you for giving such an experience

  4. Roy57 says:

    Oh, never mind, I just saw the highlighted parts in the scribd document. ,

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