Viral Videos Staggering Statistics

What makes Viral Videos go “Viral?” Why do they get passed around and have so many views?

Here is a short partial list of characteristics of Viral Videos:

  1. They entertain. It isn’t an in your face BUY ME! You may laugh, cry or just enjoy yourself. They don’t have to market a product or service, but they can.
  2. They can be controversial. If it’s boring who wants to watch it and share with others. Many times they take a stand on an issue and some company or individuals strongly disagree with what is said. They also polarize people the other way by being advocates for spreading the video. Either way the video will spread because people will say the loved or hated the video.
  3. They are not slick. If the video looks like it was professionally done by Hollywood, then people tend to think there is some big marketing agency behind it working to “psychologically” manipulate you.
  4. They are simple. If you analyze what the video is about and how they produced it, you realized you could have done that in a few days.
    1. Here is an example of one Viral Video (The World’s First Bionic Burger):

      Bionic Burger viral evaluation: (1,193,293 views as of this post)

      1. Entertain- The story is easy to follow and has a recognizable of McDonalds. You are drawn to want to know what happens to the second burger. You will see web links on the video to find out more information about the burgers.
      2. Controversial- Then you find out why it is called “Bionic.” This is something that McDonalds doesn’t want you to see. The burger is made of what??
      3. Slick or not- The video isn’t crisp, but you get the main point about the burger.
      4. Simple- This video was made with one actor and the director (who also acted). The main actor was a friend of the director. This video looks like it took a day or two to make.

      This video I rate as Three Viral (out of five). It’s a good video, but there are more to come.
      ViralViral 2Viral 3

      Go Viral,
      Sam Carrara

      p.s. I’ll be analyzing different Viral Videos to help you with marketing, stay tuned.

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  1. Ernest says:

    this viral video is very helpful in marketing. Its characteristics explained in the post are really encouraging. Any one can understand the language of this post.Nice.

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