Why Do People Fail? Ask Napoleon Hill

What you want to do is become successful. What are the reasons that people fail? Napoleon Hill listed nine reasons that include:

  • Lack of well-defined purpose in life
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Lack of persistence
  • and more…

Get the remaining list and more about what Napoleon Hill at:



Become Successful,
Sam Carrara

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I try to enjoy life and impart tidbits of wisdom with other people. This picture of me was taken on top of a ski slope in Aspen, Colorado after a wedding for my sister-in-law.
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5 Responses to Why Do People Fail? Ask Napoleon Hill

  1. Thank you very much for the link Sam!

  2. Sam says:

    Your welcome,
    Great content deserves a link.

  3. natalie montana says:

    This is so true. This are the very reason why we fail. Thank you so much for reminding me. Now I can start to do some adjustments. Thank you.

  4. Nobel says:

    The reasons for failure stated in this post is well defined.I think I have lack of well-defined purpose in life and self-discipline.I will try to improve my character.

  5. Deen says:

    @natalie montana, You are absolutely right .But you do some hard work along with the adjustments.That is what the Napoleon Hill says.You will earn benefit

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