Why Use Highlighters?

Hello All,

Have you ever wondered the best way to get information out of a course? So did I…. Then I learned the best way is to grab some highlighters and marking the keypoints you think is important.

I’ve done this going thru the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript the first time. Next time when I am reviewing the course I’ll see the most important points pop right out at me. To see some of the highlights I did, click- Highlighted Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

So go down to Office Depot or Office Max and pick yourself up a pack of four or more highlights (different colors of course). Than use them while you’re learning. You could start with the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.


Sam Carrara

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3 Responses to Why Use Highlighters?

  1. Allen says:

    I have a question, what is the % on using highlighters? like for example 9%green, 2% blue and 29% yellow. just wondering if you could help me, need it for a class in college. if you can thanks, if not still thanks for trying.

  2. Sam Carrara says:

    Great question Allen,
    I don’t have percentages on the colors. The key takeaway from using highlighters is that they help you identify the key points. You can do this with one color, but multiple colors bring out different emphasis.

    Also an underline, circle or straight highlight can have different meanings. I used this in college and it helped me to skim my notes during tests (Open Book) without having to read every word.

    The other point is that highlighters are useless if you are only going to read it one time. To really absorb the material, you must go thru it multiple times. The 2nd, 3rd, etc. times you start to get more from the class, course, etc. Also if you have an audio of the course and read it at the same time, that helps you learn more.

    Learn it, Use it
    Sam Carrara

  3. Sam,
    Interesting article, I have personally found that highlighters do not work as I do not re-read texts therefore have wasted my time by highlighting key points. In fact, when reading a text I tend to skip over the points that are stated then re-stated. Have you ever notice that a book tells you “spot was running” four times before moving on? I appreciate your information though and look forward to reading more…

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