Customer Service- Wendy’s 2

Well, I got a call back about my customer service experience at Wendy’s. You can see the initial experience here:

Just a quick update on the call:
A girl from one of the local franchise owned offices called. Most owners/companies own a region or state of Wendy’s. First she asked if this was a good time to talk (great question to ask). Next she thanked me for letting them know what happened. We talked a little about what happened and then discussed about different sizes of chili for the combos. I said that I would expect to pay more for a large chili as opposed to a small chili.

She thanked me again for my time and customer service report. All in all she portrayed good customer service.

Customer Service Counts,
Sam Carrara

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  1. Ayala says:

    This blog always includes posts about customer service . I think it is to teach us the importance of customer service in marketing. This is a good idea

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