Going Green or Viral? Chevrolet Volt Commuter Car

Well here we go… Everybody is turning Green with envy about Green Cars! Or is it just Green backs that are driving companies? Have you noticed the Theme of this post? Green!

The latest Buzz is from Chevrolet. They have a concept car that is intended for commuters that drive 40 miles and less per day. The car can travel farther than 40 miles per charge, but will then start using gasoline, E85 or biodiesel. Did I mention that you plug it in to the power grid for that 40 miles? So it can run on gasoline, E85, biodiesel or electricity (Nuclear, coal, etc.)

Enough anticipation, the car is called the Chevy Volt. On their website they advertise 150 Miles per Gallon, sounds great, lets ramp up production and send one my way to test. Its appears that the car is meant for max of 2 people, take a look at the picture and let me know what you think.

Chevy Volt

Great page, but what would make this “Volt” go Viral? Advertising is great, and spending money is great! But if it isn’t bringing Green back to you its a waste. Viral or Not, Like it or Not– What would you do to bring in Green for this Car/Product?


Closed Poll Results: (Video Highlights was the winner.)
Chevrolet Volt Poll

Make It Viral,
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