FreeIQ- Like YouTube, It’s Video For Business

YouTube is great for Videos, but are you making Money with it?

You can make money that way, but it is very disjointed. What you want is integration of Video, email list signup, affiliates, free feeder info and paid content. What am I talking about… With more people having Broadband connections, we want quality content that engages us. That quality content includes Video– both Free to draw people in and� Paid to get more advanced techniques and tips.� While people are there, add them to your email list to create a relationship for future education and sales. Where can I find that?? FreeIQ Logo� Business Video Tools– FreeIQ. What’s great about this is you don’t have to worry about Affiliate Software. You set the percentage anywhere between 30-50% and FreeIQ handles paying affiliates. Integrated Benefits:

  1. Free Video/Audio/Ebooks host that builds your Marketing Funnel.
  2. Invite people to join your list- Simple steps.
  3. Paid Video/Audio/Ebooks Content- Move them to more content and make money.
  4. Affiliate payment already taken care of.
  5. There’s more, I’ll let you more later. Video for Business

Marketing In Your Face, Sam Carrara p.s. Check the FreeIQ site out. Then� in about a week I’ll tell you more ways to maximize Profit Potential of this site.

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Friday, April 27th, 2007 Marketing

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