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A few days ago I encouraged you to unclutter your house. The third way was to sell it. Here is a little more about selling your items on Ebay. (Hint- The shortcut is at the bottom of this post.)

Steps to take for a successful sale:

  • Setup an account with Ebay. Take a few minutes to decide on a username that people will see when you sell items. Many people use a name close to the type of items they will sell (ie. dart boards would be dartman). Even if you’re not ready to sell, buy a few items to see how the process works. It will also help you gain positive feedback, no feedback makes buyers wary of buying from you.
  • List all the items you want to sell and start taking pictures of them. I recommend putting a bed sheet or single color background behind them. There are alot of listings that have so much going on in the background, that it gets confusing.
  • Search around the site to determine what other people are buying similar items for. There is an art to pricing. You would be surprised to find that you want to start with a low listing price to get a high price sold in the end. you want to get them committed to the item and then they will want to win it no matter what.
  • Write the description, include all the features, what it includes, condition (used, new, etc.), shipping costs, returns, etc. There is alot of information you will want to give.
  • Finally get down to putting the listing on Ebay. Pay the fees and determine how long you want the auction to last.
  • Sell it, take payment and ship it. Paypal seems to be the easiest way to accept the money.
  • Get feedback- this helps future buyers have more confidence in you.
  • Rinse & repeat- keep the money flowing.

This whole process can be very complex. The list above really just glazes over what you need to do. Put a system in place to maximize your profits, best way to do this is take advantage of a Free Ebay course at: Auction Success. All you have to pay is shipping, which is $4.95. That link is:

Sell It By Auction,
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  1. Davison says:

    The post about selling your items on Ebay is really helpful. Steps to take for a successful sale is explained to a great extend.Ebay is wondering.

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