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Why I Lose Time

Do you feel like you are reading emails, blog posts, articles and ebooks all the time? Oh I forgot about watching videos and listening to MP3s. I sometimes do! I have realized that being successful isn’t about having and learning … Continue reading

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Distraction Age Doctrine

I’ve heard some IM “Guru” talking talking about Information Age Doctrine. YES, we have so much information that we get distracted by one thing to the next. I have so many partially done websites and.. oh is my phone ringing… … Continue reading

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How Do You Find Success? Take Action!

I have issued a call out to help people with Alexa Rankings and teaching them how to improve their numbers. The first site I see is by Keith Goodrum. Why will I promote him? Because he takes Action by setting … Continue reading

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Alexa Update

I last posted my Alexa Ranking on January 3rd, 2008 and it was 662,151. As of the time I write this post it is 464,315. Slight jump in ranking, and it will continue to improve. How do you do this? … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Enough Time

Most people don’t like what they do for work! We all want to get ahead… or really slow down and enjoy life. A common comment is, “I Don’t Have Enough Time.” Everyone has 24 hours in the day (unless its … Continue reading

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