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Enjoying the Weekend with Family

Did gas prices put a dent in your weekend travels? I figured we have the time let’s take a short trip and have fun as a family. Before I get into what we did, here’s how to save a little … Continue reading

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Save Time with LeechBlock

I found another good way to reclaim your time in the form of a FireFox extension/plugin. LeechBlock lets you set times and domains to block to help you get more accomplished. Really it helps you to avoid looking at the … Continue reading

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Cold and Raining

Two days ago I told you about the nice weather in Charleston, South Carolina. Well, now it’s cold and raining. You have to make sure to bundle up. This reminds me that not everyday will be sunshine, both with weather … Continue reading

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Microsoft is Buying Yahoo?

I’m either late to the party, or it really doesn’t matter. Are you a news junkie? If you are accustomed to getting your daily 5,000 forms of e-mail, fax, RSS, telephone, television and other forms of news; then you know … Continue reading

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Blog Now or Blog Later?

That is the question, Dear Shakespeare. Whether ’tis nobler to write the post now or would it be better to do it later. The slings and arrows of other commitments, like spending time with family. It case the above is … Continue reading

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