Why I Lose Time

Do you feel like you are reading emails, blog posts, articles and ebooks all the time? Oh I forgot about watching videos and listening to MP3s. I sometimes do!

I have realized that being successful isn’t about having and learning the most information. You could go broke by buying all the over hyped “Must Have Info.” I’ll add another name to the list of Hypesters, sounds like F M. He’s a butterfly guy. I know, I’ve suggested it before. Its one ok product and the rest of his products are rehashed info with slight variations.

I recently unsubscribed to his hypester emails because there was little to no content or value. They were all marketing messages. There were a few others that got the ax also, to include JC (Adsense). I won’t promote him either. Their junk mail is enough to make anyone go crazy.

Here are some great headline ideas from “Gurus”:

  1. The Ultimate Product You Don’t Have
  2. Why I’m Rich and You Make Me More Rich
  3. Why I Am Successful
  4. Give Me More Money
  5. You Are Getting Sleepy, Now Open Your Wallet
  6. These are all in jest, but funny none the less!

So what am I promoting?….. Read less, but take action with what you are reading! Find one or two techniques (articles, links, blog, comments, etc.) get really good at it and let it grow your business, then you can venture out and try one more thing.

Here’s a short list of started projects that never went anywhere (for now):

Want more? Check out what Keith Goodrum has to say about “Gurus” and Unsubscribing:

Get Your Time Back,
Sam Carrara

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 Advice

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  2. Another Benefit… More Time. | Keith Goodrum on January 29th, 2008
  3. Nice! Ideas from “Gurus” stated here are very important things to remember when we suppose to do a business. I am taking action with what I am reading.

  4. Symons on October 8th, 2009

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