The Secret To Blogging Success

Guest Post by Keith Goodrum

Ask most bloggers what is the secret to blogging success and you will get many answers. Writing, posting, networking are several answers you will hear. Some even recognize that promotion is a huge factor to blogging success.

You will also hear specific tactics or strategies like commenting on other blogs, linking, deep linking, article writing, trackbacks, guest posting and many more…

Actually none of them are the secret to blogging success. And neither are any of the other answers people will come up with are the secret. OK so what is the secret? Well…

*There are no secrets!*

Yep, that’s right… nobody has any secrets squirreled away. Sure there is a period of time that a secret will remain hidden. But, eventually they all get out.

And there are a couple of reasons why.

1. There are too many blogs blogging about blogging – Hey, pretty much every method, process, tactic or strategy has been blogged about. Bloggers are so starved for original content that they will publish everything. Everybody wants to be the 1st blogger to blog about some newly discovered tip. All
the bases are covered.

2. Humans as a general rule… CAN’T keep secrets. The temptation is too great to spill the beans. Think about this; most people when they find out something new are busting at the seems to tell someone. They feel so smug that they’ve figured out a secret that it’s no fun keeping it to themselves. They have to tell someone.

3. A blogger starts to achieve great success, and people take notice. What happens next is people want to know what this particular blogger is doing. They will reverse engineer the blog to figure out the secret. It becomes a challenge to “crack the code”

*So, while some “secrets” appear to be kept*

They really aren’t kept. It’s just taking longer for that information to get spread around. Information spreads at different speeds. That’s one of the reasons why some information appears to be a secret. It’s spreading at a much slower rate.

*The real secret to blogging…*

It’s sitting right under your nose, and is come disguised as work. The key to building a blog is taking action. Stop looking around for that magic bullet. Get started today.

So, what do ya say… want to share one of your blogging secrets? Oh, wait… if you did that, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

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  1. Jeo James says:

    I think the Secret To Blogging Success is there should not be any secret regarding the blog. The Blogger should share the activities of the blog so that it will attract visitors. That is what Carrara doing.

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