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I was fighting it for awhile and then decided to give in! What good can Twitter do for you? For one thing it can bring you links to your blog, which brings in more visitors. It can also get your name out to more people: repeat views brings familiarity and can help with low level relationship building and trust.

So I took the plunge, if you Twitter add me as a friend with the button below or from the side bar of this blog:

Twitter Follow Me

Twitter Follow Me

Then send me your 140 characters of welcome.

Tweet, Tweet,

Sam Carrara

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Thursday, June 18th, 2009 Blog Tips

4 Comments to This Blog is Twitterific

  1. Cool post, just subscribed.

  2. How I Make $300 a Day Posting Links Online on June 30th, 2009
  3. Since I’ve been writing about Twitter lately I also took the big step of creating an account. Just Facebook left now…

    Anyhow, now it’s time to decide how you should use your account. Try to follow as many as possible to get some more visitors to your blog, or just follow people you’re truly interested in?

  4. Stefan on July 17th, 2009
  5. it is a very sweet news that this blog is twitterific . This is a nice blog in the field of marketing. It shares us the great ideas in marketing

  6. Sabin on October 4th, 2009
  7. Twitter is the best way to get noticed!!!

  8. shiena balsy on November 5th, 2009

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