Thriller- Cebu Provincial Detention

Today’s video is called: Thriller
They are performed and produced by 1,500 plus Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines. Enjoy the video and then I’ll discuss viral characteristics of it.

This video is already viral because: (15,622,475 views as of this post)

  1. Entertain- You want to see how they will be able to adapt the original video by Michael Jackson. That many guys in orange as zombies is scary.
  2. Controversial- At the beginning there is a scared “woman,” of course here it is a guy! This is a prison that uses positive reinforcement to create change in prisoners, most people think the opposite should happen in prison.
  3. Slick or nor- The video is simple and zooms in and out at needed times. Not Hollywood quality, but a well rehearsed production.
  4. Simple- They took the video and added some simple titles on top.

Some “take aways” from this video- Get it done and release it, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If people like it they will ask for more. They have produced more videos including songs- I Need A Hero, Hero, Do The Hustle and 24 videos total. And here’s a few words why they are doing this- “Some people really can’t believe that this prison dance actually is happening and it has proven to be an effective tool for transforming extremely negative people into positive individuals.

This video I rate as Four Viral (out of five). This is a classic rework of the original that I watch every six months or so.
ViralViral 2Viral 3Viral 4

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2 Responses to Thriller- Cebu Provincial Detention

  1. Gracy Anderson says:

    Cebu Provincial Detention is really very thrilling.The description about the viral characteristics of video is enough.No need of seeing the video. I am proud to make contact with this blog.

  2. gary-NJ says:

    I’ve been watching this group for some time now and I really think they are very good. I agree with Samuel that this kind of stuff will really create traffic.

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