5 Ways to Find Your Motivation

Are you in the doldrums? Can’t seem to get anything done?

What is your motivation? If you feel like you haven’t accomplished much lately except check email, answer voicemail and watch the news; you’re not alone. As we continue to get flooded with communication and ads for our time we need to break thru the mess and determine what’s important.

You need the motivation to accomplish the important (and sometimes more difficult) tasks. Here are a few ways to find the motivation:

  1. Lost Job or Company– If you don’t do this specific task within 24 hours you will lose your job or lose your company. Ouch, this can be serious if you like your job or company. If not, lets try one of the other ways.
  2. Paycheck to Paycheck– Most people are one to two months away from bankruptcy or foreclosure if they have no income coming in. Savings is at an all time low. Here you have to look at if you don’t accomplish this task, you will be one of the people that will need to look for a new place to live.
  3. Family Responsibility– For many people they have more responsibilities than just themselves. The difference being, if it was just me I can bounce back… …what do I do with my family until we get back on our feet? (Parents, friends, etc.) It may just be pride or shame, but I want to take care of my own before relying or burdening others.
  4. Simple Freedom– If you must get that task done now, you’re in a fix. If you can get it done anytime, that’s much better. I’m not talking about being lazy. I mean that you can control when and where you work.
  5. Goals– Not all the material fluff that will rust, mold or eventually appear dull, but real experiences. I want to spend real time with my family. Time for tickling, teaching, laughing, crying, just plain old time. Show they what it’s like to help others, life is more than just you.

The list above don’t always happen by themselves, they can fall like dominoes all at once. This is just a partial list. What’s your motivation?

What’s the word? JGID- Just Get It Done!

Take action and get out of that pit! See what Aaron Brandon has to say about this at:

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I try to enjoy life and impart tidbits of wisdom with other people. This picture of me was taken on top of a ski slope in Aspen, Colorado after a wedding for my sister-in-law.
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  1. Hamilton says:

    My environment is my motivation.My job gives me satisfaction which in fact lead me to success.Mr.Carrara encouraged me by posting this

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