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Enjoying the Weekend with Family

Did gas prices put a dent in your weekend travels? I figured we have the time let’s take a short trip and have fun as a family. Before I get into what we did, here’s how to save a little … Continue reading

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Barbie- Island Princess

I can’t believe I have anything Barbie in my house. Both my wife and I refused to allow anything with that name into the house. Then little by little they crept in as gifts from friends and family. First it … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Find Your Motivation

Are you in the doldrums? Can’t seem to get anything done? What is your motivation? If you feel like you haven’t accomplished much lately except check email, answer voicemail and watch the news; you’re not alone. As we continue to … Continue reading

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Committed to Win

Today is Valentine’s Day. Have you decided what to get for that special someone? Flowers, dinner, movies, etc. What are your commitments? Are you really committed? Here is a short list of my commitments: God Family (Wife & kids) Work … Continue reading

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Do Your Kids Know Your Name?

Do you have kids? Even if you don’t, take what I say and apply it to your family (Spouse, pet, etc.). Last post I talked about not having time. If you made all the money in the world and lost … Continue reading

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