Barbie- Island Princess

I can’t believe I have anything Barbie in my house. Both my wife and I refused to allow anything with that name into the house. Then little by little they crept in as gifts from friends and family.

First it was a doll or two; they sneak it in by giving Disney Barbie dolls of Belle, Cinderella and the like. Next it was a VW bug Barbie car and a dog (Tanner) that “poops.” Well the poop was thrown away, even if she had a trash can for it.

The new animation of Barbie videos is great. But animation isn’t everything, you also need a good story line. My wife, kids and I found a Barbie video that is addictiveBarbie as The Island Princess.

Barbie as The Island Princess DVD

It’s about a girl named Ro that as a child fell off a ship and lived with animal friends on an island in the South Seas. Her friends- Sagi, Tika and Azul helped raise her and travel to civilization with her when a handsome Prince Antonio happens by the Island in search of adventure.

Barbie Island Princess and Prince Antonio

Of course they fall in love, but the Prince is betrothed (what a large word) to another girl. His Father (who looks like the Burger King) says she has to marry a princess. I don’t want to spoil the best parts so you have to see it for yourself.

We also purchased the Island Princess CD and can’t get the songs out of our heads. It’s good clean fun, and catchy tunes for the family. One song about rats working to earn cheese is hilarious. I can’t get the words, “Oh can you taste it” out of my head.

Island Princess Fun,
Sam Carrara

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4 Responses to Barbie- Island Princess

  1. adriana says:

    me parecio muy bonita todas las pelicula de la barbie las miro com mi primita quisiera q me mandes poster plis

  2. cristiane says:

    preciso muito saber como chama o amiguinho da bar e como escreve o nome dele corretamente ? biboo grata

  3. Richard says:

    The Barbie video at the link Barbie as The Island Princess is really wonderful. The Director Mr.Greg Richardson is a very talented person in direction

  4. sidra says:

    I love Barbie as the island princess it is the best Barbie movie any body cant beleive that i see it 99 time
    the last scens of it when Ro found her mother is very beautyful and the songs word sound of day fide away fit on the scene
    it is a really emotional movie

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