Bobcats Basketball- Domain Name Money

Charlotte Bobcats Logo What’s a Bobcat’s Basketball Management to do when your team needs help and nobody comes to the games??

“Lets create news by getting a new website name!! But, lets offer bottom dollar for it, that will make news!!”

How much do you think the owner of got??? $50,000 is all for a seven character commonly known name…

Just a short excerpt from ESPN:

For its first three years, the team used the domain name because the rights to belonged to a bobcat breeder in Montana.

Barbara Roe owns Bitterroot Bobcat and Lynx in Stevensville, Mont., and had the rights to the Web site name for 10 years. She says team officials began asking her in 2004 about buying the rights, but the early offer of a couple thousand dollars wasn’t enough. Roe says they have agreed to pay about $50,000.

Closed Poll Results: (Looks like $50K is the preference.)
Bobcats Poll

Who’s watching the Bobcats? . . . . . (do I hear crickets?)

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