Should We be Paying Top Partners by Check or Paypal?

After looking at multiple ways to pay hard working affiliates, I’ve come up with some short tips and but end up with a question:

Paypal is easy because it is electronic, but you are limited to sending $15,000 per day and you can’t pass a message along with it to promote new product competitions, discount codes, etc.

Check takes a little time and costs postage also. You could produce a separate promotions newsletter to go with it, but that takes time to put the whole package together and making sure you log the check in the affiliate software.

Is there an Affiliate Software out there that allows you to send checks, can update the checks automatically and can print a short newsletter on it at the same time? It can be a combination of software, but works with the minimum amount of effort. An example of what the check would look like is below:
Business Affiliate Check Idea

Take care of your Affiliates,
Sam Carrara

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