Committed to Win

Today is Valentine’s Day. Have you decided what to get for that special someone? Flowers, dinner, movies, etc.

What are your commitments? Are you really committed? Here is a short list of my commitments:

  • God
  • Family (Wife & kids)
  • Work
  • Business

Notice I didn’t put TV on the list… It has been on an unofficial list before. How much time and energy does it suck out of your life? The same can be said of many other activities- Is bowling more important than the limited amount of time you have with your kids?

Are you committed, Committed to Win? If you are, get serious, take Action. Start with this list:

  • Write down your goals (debt free, more time with family, etc.).
  • Assign dates to complete these by.
  • Define how you will accomplish these tasks (Start a blog, create information products, sell unused items on Ebay, etc.).
  • Break down tasks into subtasks to see accomplishment as you complete each subtask.
  • Take action on this list.
  • About a month out re-evaluate your goals (are they important) and have you been working on the tasks to get to these goals?

In It To Win It,
Sam Carrara

About Sam

I try to enjoy life and impart tidbits of wisdom with other people. This picture of me was taken on top of a ski slope in Aspen, Colorado after a wedding for my sister-in-law.
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