Price Does Matter- Is Potbelly and Budget Too Inexpensive?

A few weeks ago I traveled to Vermont to visit my Parents. In my flight travels, I had a connection in Washington/Reagan Airport. I was hungry and decided to peruse the concourse “Eats and Treats”. I saw the usual overpriced fare from burgers, chicken, sandwiches, etc.

Much to my surprise I saw a Mom & Pop Sandwich Joint called Potbelly Sandwich Works. They’re main menu board had blaring $3.99, I said “What.” It was true the sandwiches were that cheap/inexpensive at the Airport. And a banana was under a buck. How was the sandwich you say? I got the special peppers mix on it and it was “Delish“. Way to go Potbelly!
Potbelly Logo

Then getting back to the Burlington Airport at the end of my trip I dropped off the Budget Rent a Car I had. I rented a midsize, nothing fancy for three days. But when the rang up the total just under $66. That included the airport taxes and everything. I’ve paid that much before for just one day. Once again, great dollar for the money!
Budget Logo
BUT, are those the smartest prices that the busineses should be charging? I say no. I would pay Potbelly $4.99, even $5.99 for that sandwich, especially since it was in the airport. For the rental car, I would pay Budget anywhere from $86 to $126. Its all about taking care of the customer and maximizing your profit potential. They leave alot of money on the table each day. How much would you pay?

Price Does Matter,
Sam Carrara

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