New Years Trial- Exercise More or Move More

Ok here it is first new suggestion of the year from me…

One of the top New Years resolutions people have is to loose weight, and they hope to do this by using two methods, and sometimes in conjunction:

  1. Eat differently
  2. Exercise

Another post I’ll talk about eating differently, for this one I’ll discuss exercise.

Warning: If you plan to go for 2-3 hours to the gym right away with little to no previous exercising, then STOP NOW! If you don’t gradually work up to 30 to 60 minutes of exercise then you will win a Expenses paid trip to the Lazy Boy recliner in your living room.

Lazy Boy recliner

Step One- Plan & Commit to Your Plan

Using the steps below start an exercise plan gradually to avoid injury and to not “Fall off the Wagon.” I would at times decide to do a 5K race and not start training until two weeks before the race. I did OK at the race, but I managed to hurt myslef in the process and could have done better. Write down the plan, post it on your refrigerator, in your car and by your computer at work to remind yourself of your plan. Now Commit to the Plan!, be positive and know that you can do this.

Step Two- Start Small

Lets start simple to avoid injury and show that simple changes can really do alot. Drive to work or to the shopping mall and intentionally try to get a spot far from the door to the building. (This is opposed to waiting five minutes for the closest spot.) This extra little walk is a start. Next if where you work is below five stories (not the total height, just the floor you work on), take the stairs instead of the elevator to get up to your office. If you have to go down for lunch, to get something from your car or any other reason, take the stairs down.

Next is the importance of drinking water. The proper amount of water will keep you healthy and when you urinate it should be clear not yellow. This will cause you to get up more often to get water and go to the bathroom (more steps). Don’t forget to check your office mailbox for any mail. The more steps the better and its Simple.

One of my next posts will cover the other steps to Exercise Success. Stay Tuned

Get Fit Slowly,

Sam Carrara

About Sam

I try to enjoy life and impart tidbits of wisdom with other people. This picture of me was taken on top of a ski slope in Aspen, Colorado after a wedding for my sister-in-law.
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  1. Ken says:

    this teaches me a lot of things.I now know about the importance of proper planning in all action even in eating.I think the exercises given here are very effective

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