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24 Hour Special- Top Search Terms

Have you ever wondered what people are looking for on the Internet? I did, then I found places to find this information out. I have recorded myself investigating these areas to find Top Search Terms using Camtasia and have put … Continue reading

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24 Hour Special Tomorrow

Just a reminder, tomorrow (Friday) I release a DVD that will show you… You’ll see tomorrow! Don’t miss it. The price will go up after 24 hours. Until then check out: http://www.keithgoodrum.com/the-irs-tax-deadline-is-a-great-marketing-lesson/ And http://www.skelliewag.org/how-to-get-piles-of-links-subscribers-and-comments-273.htm DVD Coming Soon, Sam Carrara

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About to Break 200K in Alexa

As I write this post, this blog has an Alexa Rating of 205,159. Just a few months ago it was around 8,000,000 (Eight Million). Good movement, but I’m not done yet. I’m doing a big push now to move to … Continue reading

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